Sunday, December 30, 2012


The EDHOCHULI 12" is going press in January. From what I've heard they have all the artwork ready. I got the entire master the other day and it is fucking intense. It is only 6 songs but about 37 minutes of music.

It's really hard to describe this band for me, so I suggest you just go listen to them and watch them live whenever you can because they are amazing.

Shortly following that release will be probably the biggest record I've done to date. I will be in charge of doing the US pressing for the THOU / COWER split. Covers are going to press in January as well and I'm hoping to have the entire thing ready by March / April.

I personally think these are some of most raw and crushing songs THOU has recorded.

2013 is looking crazy as far as releases go and it feels weird to be this busy after being a label that released 1 or 2 records a year (if that).

Upcoming plans are:

12" for a band from Mexico City
7" for a band from Seattle
7" for a band from Guadalajara
Cassette for a band from Riverside

Will get more into those releases as the time comes.

P U N K  F O R E V E R -

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