Sunday, November 24, 2013

Upcoming records

The THOU / COWER split will be out in January as well as the DETHRONE 12". After that who knows what will happen. Keep your eyes open.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


The DETHRONE 12" has been at the plant for a while now, should be within the next 1-2 months. The THOU / COWER split 12" repress will finally see the light of day soon too. After many delays finding the masters, getting the art ready and being broke as fuck, this is my top priority now.

After these two records I will take a break. No other records are planned, except for some ideas, but nothing concrete.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

$20 Package Deal + Distribución en Mexico

Get all new releases for $20 (plus shipping) - Nazareno el Violento "XIII" 12", Edhochuli 12", Darto "All Eyes" 7" !!!!!!!!!!

El disco de Nazareno el Violento va a ser distribuido en Mexico por Exabrupto Distro proximamente. Toda la gente en Mexico interesada en el disco por favor ordenelo con ellos para que se ahorren un poco de dinero.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The brand new EDHOCHULI 12" is out now. Head over to the store to get a copy. Also threw a package deal so you can get 3 new records and save some money.

Nazareno el Violento "XIII" LP will be out this Saturday.

Also check out DARTO on tour this fall, here's a rough schedule:

12 house show, kelso wa || seacats (early show)
laughing horse books, portland or || (late show)
13 cafe stritch, san jose ca || family room, momotaro
14 san fransisco ca || wild moth, yi
15 secret show, oakland ca || jason clackley, sour patch, joy ride
16 blood orange info shop, la ca || 
17 trunk space, phoenix az || 
18 warehouse 21, santa fe nm || 
19 bad grannys, oklahoma city ok || glow god
20 trailer space, austin tx || rigid, smoking white (early show)
austin tx || salted (late show)
21 macaroni island, denton, tx || 
22 tulsa? help?
23 satan's gay acid bath, kansas city ks || torben, piper harrow
24 st. louis, mi || trauma harness
25 louisville or lexington ky? help?
26 sound cellar, chesterton in || 
27 chicago il ||
28 appleton wi || (early show)
milwaukee wi || (late show)
29 minneapolis mn || animal lover 
30 madison wi || 

1 breast imaging center, iowa city ia || 
2 west wing, omaha nb || neighbors
3 7th circle music collective (blast-o-mat), denver co || 
4 salt lake city ut? help?
5 the crux, boise id || peach kelli pop
6 olympia wa ||

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Those EDHOCHULI 12"s are finally coming out. They are being sent to me tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have them up for sale by next week sometime. If you have yet to hear this band, check them out here:

There are 500 of these pressed on thick chipboard jackets. Black vinyl for all you nerds.

The NAZARENO EL VIOLENTO "XII" LP is coming out soon, just waiting on the records, everything else is ready.

I'm going to help release the debut 12" from DETHRONE from Tacoma, WA. This is a brand new band that completely destroys! Featuring  members of Owen Hart, Bone Sickness, Greyskull, President Kennedy is Assasinated and every other band in Tacoma. This is being pressed real soon. Art was done by Demian Johnston and looks amazing.

The THOU / COWER split 12" was being delayed for problems with the masters, but will be release very soon. Sorry for the wait.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who's picked up a copy of the DARTO "ALL EYES" 7".

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Darto's "All Eyes" 7" is out now. It is limited to only 200 copies, get on it. Labels & distros get in touch for trades / wholesale.

ORDER HERE ///////////////////////////////////////////////////

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Darto's 7" has been at the plant for little bit now. More info will be posted once I receive tests. There will only be 200 copies of this. The band is about to release an LP as well, and it is phenomenal. Here's a preview of the cover for the 7" I'm putting out:

In other news Nazareno el Violento "XIII" is going to the plant today - More info on it soon !
You can stream the record here, but the 12" is going to have a bonus track that is not on the bandcamp:

Monday, April 15, 2013


NAZARENO EL VIOLENTO "XIII" is going to press next month. This band is formed by some of the wildest people I've ever met. Expect this out soon, meanwhile check out the artwork done by the drummer.

DARTO's 7" also going to press next month. THOU / COWER split is almost out.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

From the life of the marionettes

Edhochuli's test presses are here. Records out soon. 

Thou / Cower split covers went to press. Records will follow shortly. 

Still have to press a shit ton of records after that... Oh and I have some The Body LPs coming in from Howling Mine. They'll be up in the distro soon. 

That is all for now. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013


NL - 12 - EDHOCHULI 12" - At the pressing plant. Out in one or two months. 

NL - 13 - THOU / COWER split 12" - US pressing of this monster of a record.

NL - ? - NAZARENO EL VIOLENTO 12'' - This record is wild, a direct attack on everything you love, poser.

NL - ? - DARTO 7" - Vinyl pressing of their demo. 2 fucking awesome songs.

NL - ? - BOCANEGRA 7" - Debut recording. Amazing european influenced emo / hardcore.

Plus some other shit in the future !

Monday, January 28, 2013

Update -

USPS has raised their prices, international customers, beware!

EDHOCHULI's 12" is going to press next month. It will be a pressing of 500 records with screen printed covers. This record is seriously a banger. You can check out 3 of the songs here:

The US pressing of the THOU / COWER split 12" is coming along as well and I'm expecting to have it out around March / April. There will be 500 copies of this too.

Up next will be a 12" for NAZARENO EL VIOLENTO, a 7" from DARTO and another 7" from BOCANEGRA.

You can here more from those bands here:

I hooked up a new webstore, check it out on the right. I'm still adding stuff to it, so keep checking back.

Thanks !